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Joyce is a dedicated, experienced community/economic development professional who has gotten results in business, government and non-profit settings.  

Her strengths are in management, strategic planning, volunteer recruitment/training and fund-raising experience, strategic planning and project management.  She consults with entrepreneurial businesses, non-profit organizations and government entities on visioning, strategic planning and project management.

Using collaborative planning and facilitation techniques, Joyce can help you and your team to bring an idea into reality or find a solution when none seems possible. 

Special areas of expertise include facilitating collaborative decisioning-making, strategic planning, community engagement, consensus building, launching and funding new initiatives. repositioning existing ones and developing communications strategies that include social media.  Joyce helps you make your organizational dreams a reality, by identifying consensus, building your network and attracting resources.

Areas of impact: sustainability, entrepreneurship, community engagement and collaborative problem solving.

Our Approach


Our consulting services includes a comprehensive review to help identify gaps and opportunities, written project proposals including timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and  schedule. 

The center of Joyce's approach is training and experience in The Art of Hosting, including the graphic illustrations that ensure participants feel heard and important points can be communicated visually in public meetings and social media.

Do you have an ambitious project in mind, but do not know how to accomplish it?  Will it require diverse stakeholders, a combination of business and community interests?  Are your plans greater than your budget allows?  Does your project involve real estate?

We offer a suite of quality facilitation tools that help you gain consensus with your team in order for you to reach your goal quickly, smoothly and while having a good time.

That’s how we ensure your succes

Why Us?


Joyce has a long track record of having an impact on projects that have an impact within the community, government and non-profits.  

With the help of committed community partners, Joyce gets things done.  Here are a list of some of the projects she played an important role in starting or implementing:

Emmaus Creative Arts & Cultural Center

Topton Ambulance Corps.

Summits for Smart Growth and Sustainable Communities

Renew Lehigh Valley

Emmaus Community Garden

Emmaus Farmers Market

Emmaus Streetscape Project

Emmaus Visioning Project

Lehigh Valley Food Policy Council

Seven Generation Charter School

Macungie Mountain Herb Farm

Whether you’re seeking a strategic alliance with the right partner or a special skillset or facilitation tool, call Joyce today. Together we’ll create and refine your plan for success.


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